• Automatically gathers data from across your fleet supply chain
  • Alerts and exceptions pushed to drivers, systems or managers
  • Flexible and easily configurable integration tools
  • Allowing you to get access to all relevant data in once place


  • Analysis tools to deliver trends and exceptions across individual and combined data sets
  • True understanding of business opportunities, risks and efficiencies
  • Manipulation tools to enable you to simulate changes and introduction of new policies
  • Results with associated costs and savings

Compliance & Risk

  • Detailed driving events and behaviour along with costs, fines, incidents and fuel use
  • Individual driver and manager dashboards highlighting overall and individual scores
  • On-going monitoring and improvement analysis to ensure programs achieve results
  • Our mobile vehicle check solution ensures defects are reported and downtime is reduced

Fleet costs

  • All of your fleet costs in one place
  • Analysis and insights into exceptions and recommendations
  • Dashboard allowing costs to be shared throughout your organisation
  • Validation and audit services ensuring that everything is correct


  • Configurable selection of telematics data to support your business requirements
  • Millions of lines of data clearly consolidated to make sense to you
  • Capability of making data multi-directional, allowing all systems to stay in sync
  • Optimising the whole data set to deliver; safety, value and cost reductions


  • Ensuring every penny spent is used appropriately and is properly accounted for
  • Combining fuel data with fleet data to provide actual performance and efficiency data to help with vehicle profiles and policy
  • Auditing transactions to deliver compliance as well as achievement of any price promise
  • Controlling fuel cards and their allocation to avoid misuse